Tuesday, September 30, 2008

it has been awhile

Francesca's purple cat costume completed for Halloween
Grey haired granny doll Carmen made for my mom's 51st birthday..her name is Wysteria Bush.

Very fun project to do, I saw one similar on Amy's blog, and when I saw this tiny ironing board at the thrift, had to come right home and transform it into this! And everyone needs an ironing apron, right???
This years fall quilt square swap at MJF...PUMPKIN BLOCKS They were so amazingly fast and cute. I am definitely making more.
About a year ago anthony saw this fabric on ebay and wanted some. Well here it has sat for a year until he and I made a backpack out of it with fleece lining...really useful adn fun, a great quick prject and only took 3/4 yard!!!
Close up of a pumpkin block, I added buttons, a cat, and a leaf with vine, not sure if I was supposed to, but I like em just this way.
Carmen made this reversible 1/2 apron for our friend kathie the "Mini Apron Queen" down in Florida. Our current mini apron swap at MJF is birthday themed.

Here are some of our recent projects, hope you enjoy checkin em out.

By the way I took the tiny ironing board idea from Amy, Nitere at mjf, I found the board at goodwill for 2 bucks and could not resist it!