Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap #5

I am participating in Doll Quilt Swap #5. I made these scrappy blocks and I really love them. Some of my favorite fabric, the paper dolls, I made some great dresses with pantaloons for my twins out of it awhile back. So paper dolls for the doll quilt swap. I hope my partner loves it. I still need to cut it down, get the back on, quilt it and put the binding on. I am going to try my hand at machine quilting again...unless it gets to be Wednesday and it is not finished yet...then I will hand quilt it over the Thanksgiving holiday, so it can go out on Monday morning in the mail!

here is the swap link with flicker photos...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 weeks old already!!!!!!

Where does the time go? She is 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe how fast time is moving. We are having so much fun with a fresh baby in the house. All the kids just adore her and of course, John and I could not be more pleased. Don't grow too fast Miss Emilia Dolce!

Isabella's drawing

I am not sure if you can see this drawing very well, but Isabella drew it for me last night. It is me birthing Emilia. She even made sure my glasses were on and I am wearing the right necklace. Cute little Emilia is smiling up at everyone.
I know a lot of people have ideas about birth that are different than mine. But to see my 4 year old draw this picture for me just reassures me all the more that we have the right idea. Not that I ever have even questioned it, but what better way to teach your children than to show them.

Thanks so much!!!

Big thanks are in order for things we received this week for Emilia!
Thanks to Grandma for this sweet farm animal pjs outfit!

Thank you to Kathy H. for this adorable snuggly soft bunting, great job making that one!

Thank you Bonne for the hat and scarf, perfect!
Thanks to Great Aunt Dolores and Great Uncle Wayne for these cute as can be little boxes!

A big thanks to Steph, the queen of dreamsz for her beautiful booties and socks. And a lovely thanks to Gracie the lavendar farmer for her fab sachet and handkerchief. Thanks also to the Bella Modiste and family for her cozy flannel blanket.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got to sew a little!

Carmen wanted some new things to keep her warm in this cold rainy fall weather we are having, so with a yard of fleece, a serger, and a very precious 40 minutes, voila!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Vincent lost his first tooth

Well, here is the before and after...Vin lost his first tooth!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Carmen and Emilia on their birthday
Carmen turned 9 last week and wanted a guitar cake. Here is the creation that my sister helped finish up. I was in the middle of making the cake when our newest little bundle, Emilia was born. So Carmen and Emilia share the same birthday. What a treat for both of them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank you MaryJanes Farm

At the beginning of the summer, we got a fabulous package in the mail from Meg at MJF. She sent wonderful t-shirts for all the kids and one for me as well. The kids, especially Carmen and the 3 little girls thought it was great. So I thought it was about time I share this photo with you from June. I have been very slow getting packages out this summer, but I think they should have gotten it by now, so I thought I would share.

One of the things we sent back with a print of that photo was this kids apron for Stella when she gets a bit bigger and a matching snack bag with napkin and strawberry. We also sent that stool that I shared with you several weeks ago. And of course some lavendar clothespins for Meg. I hope they enjoy their loot and I appologize for letting the entire summer pass by before getting it sent out.

and we finally have a name.....

Emilia Dolce Grannan La Bella

Emilia is a region of Italy, now known as Emilia-Romagna.

It contains the cities of Bologna and Modena.

Dolce is Italian for "sweet".

Thursday, November 6, 2008

more pumpkins

Anthony does not show up too often on my blog, so I thought I would share this pic that I love. Everyone carved a pumpkin and here he is with his.

pumpkin carving kiddos

The day before our baby was born the kids all carved their pumpkins, putting happy, spooky smiling faces on their cheery orange globes. And of course Lexi's pumpkin was a little different, a green and white one with a dragon curled around the outside. With some very patient help from my mother, everyone's pumpkins became a work of art, even the baby's.

fun on an indoor fall day

A few days before Halloween I went out with a group of friends for dinner, so I made up a few felt pins that afternoon while the kids played dominoes. My kids just love dominoes, I think we have 4 different sets, and they are all 4 always in play. So I thought I would share the results of our afternoon. Cheers!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

and our newest little strawberry girl
Gianina the pink crayon

Francesca as the purple cat

Isabella the 1800's girl who serves ice cream

Vincent the Jaguar

Anthony the house painter

Carmen as Johnny Cash

Lexi the Axolotl


Here they are. Everyone had a great time, all the costumes were finished, and smiles were on their faces, sounds like successful fun to me.

Welcome to the newest family member

We are so happy to announce the anxiously awaited arrival of our newest little person. On Wednesday, October 29th, 1:13 p.m., our new little girl graced us with her sweet presence. We are so happy to introduce you to her, weighing in at 10 pounds, and measuring 22 inches long, she came to us after a very short 1 & 1/2 hour labor. Everyone was able to get here just in time to see her arrival. We are still working on which name suits her best, so that will be still yet to come. She has settled in to her new surroundings quite well, and is getting lots of love from all her siblings. oh and carmen would like everyone to know that our new baby shares her birthday.