Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cathedral Windows

I like to try new things and see if it is a project that I have the time to whip out. If it is something too intense, I do not have time for it. So I have been rolling around the idea of a Cathedral Windows quilt top. I seem to have a ton of fabric scraps that have something of interest on them, so I was thinking this would be a great idea. I read a bunch of online tutorials and what not, usually I need something to motivate me, light a fire under me you know. One of my online friends was also thinking about it and shared a list of her fave tutorials on it. The Sometime's Crafter made sense to me... http://sometimescrafter.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-cathedral-window.html So away I dashed to the sewing machine...and this is what i came up with about a half an hour later. There is room for lots of improvement, but the basics are all there. If you have ever rolled around the idea of trying these, but felt it was too difficult, go try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring Soccer is Nearly Over

Everyone in our family loves to play soccer. The youngest 2 are not yet old enough to be on a team, but the love of the game and the super ultra competitive drive are definitely there. I think we live and breathe soccer, soccer practices, and soccer games from early March until mid June, then again from early August until late October. This Spring season is coming to an end, so I thought I would share a few pics of the kids with the teams they spend every weekend and many week days with.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enjoying the Arts on a Friday Night

Gallery Walk was last night. John had a great new show opening, featuring Jim Sampson and Sammye Dina Smith. Of course, the prints and painting were fantastic. There were also several potters, a metal mobile artist and a photographer with works on display, as well as a couple sculptors. We decided to make it a family affair. We all joined John for an evening downtown. The kids were fascinated by our favorite local folk singer, Mitch Rice, who has been enchanting each and every child since birth...and to sweeten the deal, his friend brought Charlie the dancing parrot. The younger kids sprawled out games on the sidewalk for some extra kid friendly entertainment. With a gallery full of new art, excellent food, beer, and wine, sidewalk games and live musical entertainment, the evening was quite a success.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Blooms Blooming

And a few more flower bloom pics to share from today. The Stella D'Oro's are opening as well, pics on those tomorrow. I hope you enjoy seeing what is blooming, because there is a lot more to come. Summer is upon us!

A little sewing

Recently I won a fabric giveaway from Marilyn of SpicedCoffee, so with that fabric I am making the little girls a quilt with cross blocks. I made up a few and I like how it is going so far. Then I had a few block swaps and mini quilt swaps to do, so here are some of them. The purple blocks are for a Black and White +1 color 3.5" block swap. The green and black and white block is one of the 2 blocks for The Fussy Cut Love Bee that I am in as well. The mini quilt here with the yellow prairie points is for The Mini Quilt Trading Swap. Others I will reveal only after they reach their destinations!