Saturday, January 31, 2009

Faery baby

What started out today as 2 felted wool sweaters...turned out to be a very cute baby faery outfit!

The Christmas Faery

I need to take a better pic of this one, but here she is...the Christmas Faery!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

They say love is a tangled web...giveaway

You should all go enter my friend Lisa's giveaway, you have until Feb 6th, she makes great stuff, so I am sure you will love it if u win!

Introducing in his completed form...Vincent, leader of the forest elves!

Here he is, and boy is he proud, shoulda' been dressin' the lad in this get up his whole life!

For the love of elves

Is this not the ultimate in cuteness? Stay tuned as I will complete the hat and shoes today! This is one of the costumes for the faery/elf party we are attending this weekend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


is for snake and scarf...snake scarf, hand crocheted by me!
As most of you know, yarn is not one of my strengths, but I am learning, slowly but surely, and with the help of a few friends...Bonne who won't let anyone slack, not even for a moment, and Ruth who is a great cheerleader....I created this bit of wearable art this evening.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

how did the bread turn out?

Yummy sourdough! Fresh baked, turned out fabulous!

Scrappy bags and bags from felted sweaters

I made this bag from a sweater for my mom for her birthday. I know Sue has a thing for boiled wool, so here was one of my many creations. This pic is for you Sue! The other has been deemed the diaper bag, sit at the scrap basket and keep on using it up was my theory. It hardly made a dint, I have too many scraps. I will not waste, I will not waste, I will not waste, my new mantra.

What to do when u want to destash scraps

More with scraps. A monster doll for a boy at school who's mother was so kind as to bring us a great meal after the baby was born. His sister was the recipient of the heart 1/2 apron. I am so loving these monster dolls. This square is all scrap, I made a pillow out of it for my dad for Christmas. It reminds me of a frank Asch story illustration, I never thought that until I finished it and it hit me.

Pond Hockey

They say we are having global warming, but after the temps we have been experiencing these last 3 weeks, I am going to need some convincing. John took the kids to Lake Griffy this past weekend, where the ice is 10 inches thick(this never happens here), and they met up with some of their hockey friends and had a pick up game. What a fun experience for all of them.

flower faery costume

Well, we are going to a faery themed birthday next weekend. All of our faery costumes are pretty much for summertime, so with a few pieces of fleece we had laying about we made a costume for Francesca, since we took the pic, she has opted for a white turtleneck and white tights with similarly colored flowers and butterflies on them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sourdough Bread

With the help of my dear friend Ronna, I am baking sourdough. Here are the loaves that I will put in the oven in about 45 minutes...yes that means I will start baking at midnight, what better time to start baking than midnight?!! I used to bake all the time and haven't for awhile. Hopefully, with the help of my starter, "Shirley" we will be back in the bread baking biz at my house. And baking at 5 instead of midnight!

Valentine's Heart Half Apron

Iam fairly behind on all my correspondence, my thank you's are behind, my emails are behind...., my sewing is behind....I have 507 unanswered emails in my inbox, 10 loads of dirty laundry, 10 loads of unfolded laundry, dirty floors, and another sink full of did this happen?

So I thought I would just get on it...tonight I sewed this cute little apron up and the heart shaped monogrammed hanky. It is for a little girl at my kids' school. I do hope she likes it. It was fun to make, and maybe I can get back on my game and get it in gear.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 down, 20 to go

I have 2 goals for this year....the biggest one is that I want to quilt all the tops I have made here are the first 2 of my stash of 22. When those are all done, I want to sew all my blocks into tops and start over again. I just have this overwhelming urge to tie up loose ends this year.

one of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks and you are just not sure how you ever made it through?

I feel like I have been hangin' on by a thread for a few months projects are piling up, my emails are going unanswered, my friends have not been called back, my kids are not wearing anything that remotely goes together, my thank you s are all over the place, my christmas trees are still up, stockings are still hung by the staircase with care.

This week, has been -16 to about 20 most of the week...really unfun. My pipes burst in my house...water everywhere, then no hot water because I had to turn off the hot water to prevent it from continuing to spew forth into my house. I fell down the basement steps and nearly killed myself, the sump pump was not working, the hose that goes into the basement wall to take the sump pump water out of the house flew outta the wall and hit me in the face,,loved that. So, I have been washing dishes by hand after boiling the water to get it hot. I guess I should just be happy I am not actually melting snow to get water. I really need a shower.

The house was not able to keep up with the frigid temps, so for a few days it was 51* in the house...ick and cold.

To top it all off, John has been in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico this week whilst I run the show.

Then today, I got a call and our condo is flooded, somewhere in the bldg is a broken pipe. The fun never ends. So the condo is know put in brand new carpet and this begs to happen.

My favorite thing this week was taking silly Sally out...she for some reason will only poop on a tie it is really cold the clippy deal freezes shut, so to remedy the situation.....get a really long extension cord and use the hairdryer, put the clippy in your pocket to keep it warm while someone else brings out the spastic pup, hook her up, give her 3 mins, bring the hairdryer back out and unleash the not really fun..and Sally is nutso ...ugh..not fun.

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