Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our 11th Anniversary

Today was our 11th wedding anniversary. So we packed up the kids adn headed for the Deam Wilderness, had a nice picnic and watched the last of the sun go down from the top of the firetower...we counted 104 steps, the sign says 124...hmmmm....where did the other 20 steps go? Happy Anniversary Mister...see we made it a lot longer than folks were bettin on!!!!


Bonne said...

Who took the great pic of mom and dad? Awesome day!

smoothiejuice said...

hmmm...was it anthony or was it carmen? now i cannot remeber.....I will have to ask them both.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy Anniversary you two!
Oh, what a nice day y'all had...and I'd like to know where those other 20 steps went to!

Autumn said...

Beautiful day!Beautiful anniversary!Beautiful kids! Beautiful couple! BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!! Happy to you all!!!

Beverly said...

What a sweet couple! Thanks for sharing. It's about time we see John's handsome face!!! Love ya and Happy belated Anniversary

nitegardener said...

What a GREAT way to Spend such a Fantastic Day together!!!

HUGE congratulations Little Girl!

Love ya!