Wednesday, January 28, 2009


is for snake and scarf...snake scarf, hand crocheted by me!
As most of you know, yarn is not one of my strengths, but I am learning, slowly but surely, and with the help of a few friends...Bonne who won't let anyone slack, not even for a moment, and Ruth who is a great cheerleader....I created this bit of wearable art this evening.


Ruth said...

Jess~You did a great job!!! I love it!!!! I knew you could do it. I'm so glad you tried and got it done. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn said...

Too bad we dont have enough cold for folks to wear a scarf!!!
Some of my grandkids up north might! I better get busy for next christmas!!!!

Bonne said...


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

neat!!!!!!!!!! I just got the power back on here .cold 2 days .hate winter !

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Jess, You did a good job on that ssssssssssssssnake!