Sunday, February 22, 2009


We love to make tons and tons of valentines for all our friends in town. Here are a few that we made. Anthony pressed red bud leaves in the fall and glued vintage valentine clip art(thank you cime) to them and laminated them. Vincent painted clothespins and wooden hearts. Lexi made tons of these cute little owls(thank you nay). I made these clothespin dolls for a few of my friends. Carmen made dozens of yarn dolls, and the twinnies made clay heart ornaments(thank you sharon, bonne and ronna). I need to find pics of those last 2.


Ruth said...

These are all so cute. How awesome!!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

how creative !!!!!! And what beautiful work !!!!!!!!!! A visit to your blog brightens up my day .

Bonne said...

those are all so adorable and mega-creative!! Sure can tell your kiddos don't sit around and play wii and other mindless junk. hugs, B

khartquilt said...

I love the little birds. Did you make them all??? Very cute.