Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chicken cake

We had a 4h poultry club potluck today. Well, our section of the alphabet was to bring dessert, so we made a cake. As you can was not just a plain cake. A hen cake to be exact, she is even sitting on an egg. Hope she makes you smile.


Beverly said...

Your posts always make me smile, Jess. What a creative Mommy you are...such lucky kids!!

electricdunce said...

Your cakes are really impressive, the chicken is a real sweetie, You could start a custom cake business to add to your already overloaded schedule. I saw some chicken items at an antique store this week and thought of you. I guess there are lots of chicken collectors, there certainly is an array of fabulous old chicken stuff, but I'm amazed at the prices these days. Boy does that make me sound like an old fart!


nashbabe said...

I bow at your pumpitude. :-)