Thursday, September 17, 2009

School is back in full swing

It seems the kids are back to school. All 7 who go for some portion of the day are all at the same school this year. We are pleased to have one location we feel confident in this year. The kids all seem to be doing well and adjusting to their school routine. The reading program Anthony did this summer seems to have paid off well. If we can get him on track, we will be all set. Vincent is loving first grade and is very much in charge of his domain. Gianina is so happy to finally be old enough to start preschool, so she has been thrilled that everyday she can be what she calls a "school bird." Lexi is very happy with her decisions this year regarding school, so we are at peace with this. Carmen is trying very hard to smoothly transition into the older classroom. She has several researches and creative writings in various stages of rough draft and final draft. The twins are happy as usual, going about their day in a very busy fashion. John and I moved the little girls out of the big girls room and started making their own spaces for them. So everyone has their desks empty and full of their work for the day. When everyone has their own space, the house is so much more peaceful. Although the move is not complete, the basic stuff is all in only teh mess is left behind. Where is the time? I need time to clean this place up and the days keep marching right into the nights! Whew!


Ruth said...

Glad to hear that things are working out with school for everyone.
We are back to our schedule here. Been busy.


electricdunce said...

School birds, I love it! I cannot imagine getting seven people ready for school, Bravo Jess!