Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Variation on a theme

I was thinking about cleaning up in one of the rooms of my house where I put together the owl quilt. As I started folding up leftovers and organizing scraps, I realized an owl bag/purse was definitely in order. I don't like to clean anyway, so I began sewing, using up scraps of this and that as I went along. I even had a zipper laying around, so I put a fun boxy top on the bag. Finished dimensions were 13 1/2" wide by 14" tall and 5" thick. This thing is so roomy and holds all manner of my crap...and I take a lot of crap with me everywhere. I included 2 big pockets inside and a loop to clip my keys to, I am always dumping out the entire contents of my bags to find my keys...which are always hiding on bottom. I think I may be stuck on these owls for quite some time, they are just so fun for me.