Sunday, May 18, 2008

Desks for twinnies

So, I bought these 2 desks off a woman on craigslist for $20...I repainted the desks...the girls picked out the colors and flower colors and what not, are my before and afters, but I ran out of spray paint, so the chairs aren't done yet.


Kati said...

Oh Jess, those desks are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did such a fabulous job and I'm sure your daughters are loving the new additions to their school time. A desk like that might make a lot more kids enjoy their schooling. *grin*

nitegardener said...

The Desks Turned out Great!!!

NEVER will see another Pair Like these will we!~

Found you again by the way!!!
& you have been Added Little Sisier!

Love ya!!


Bonne said...

Love these! Homework CAN be fun! (so I've heard....pretty desks will help~lol)

Nancy Jo said...

Jess, those came out really cute. I love old school furniture. I found that a little chair a few weeks ago and was all excited. The kids will love them.

Beverly said...

What an amazing transformation. You might want to consider a side business....reconditioning and repurposing...seriously, those would sell like hotcakes!