Thursday, April 14, 2011

Funky Chair for a Friend

A very good friend of mine has inspired me to finish all the projects I always wish I had done. About 12-15 years ago I found this awesome chair, I have always wanted to paint the legs and add funky fun pillows. So I unearthed the chair and liberated it from the farthest dark corner of my garage...followed by a very sunny day, I painted the legs, then quickly sewed up some funny little pillows. One pillow for the funky garage liberated chair and one pillow for a chair that already exists in my friend's living room. As a surprise I brought the chair and pillows over to my friend. I think it was a very appreciated giftie. I am thankful for the inspiration to complete yet another project I have had on my mind for years.


BahamaDawn said...

doesnt it feel good to finish up stuff that has been started forever.....that is what my whole year is about!! and i am not sure i have enough time......eeeekkkk!
cuz there is always new stuff to start as well!!!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

that came out really cute :)

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