Monday, March 21, 2011

Building Fences

We have been busy building fences for the miniature horses. We started with their dry lot and have moved on to pasture fencing. In 2 weekends we have put up 86 feet of fencing and a 4ft gate. The kids enjoyed the fire we had burning both weekends and provided musical entertainment for us. We are separating the pasture in half, so there will be 2 halves. We are only trying to fence the first half right now...keep something accomplishable in sight, then go for the next stage. The horses have loved their freedom so far, it will be nice when they have 100% use of the whole pasture. Freedom sure beats me taking them out to exercise daily on a lunge line. The fence is 48"tall, post and board, and in between we have strung wire fencing with the 2"x4" rectangular openings. With this fence we can accommodate all sorts of things. We will not have to worry about our dogs running to China when accompanying us to work with the horses, and we will be able to keep the turkeys in. Lexi will be getting 4 turkeys this spring. The sole purpose for the turkeys is food, but I think it may be fun to just have them for show as well. I think this stage of the fencing still needs 200 feet or so, and a couple of gates, so busy we will continue to be.

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Jade Graham said...

Together they make up the same length as the regular sections. Each piece is actually individually sculpted although the three whole sections look rather similar; rail fence