Sunday, March 6, 2011

'Tis the Season for Sugarin'

I spent today with a friend of mine and her poultry flock making yummy Maple Syrup. She is a novice and still learning tricks, but it is a fairly simple, but time consuming activity. She has been collecting sap from her Black, Silver and Red Maple trees this week, 50 gallons of sap was collected from 5 trees. A fire was started and the boiling process began . She made her first small batch last weekend. I got a small taste and wow was it big on flavor. I may have to get my own taps, technically called spiles and give it a whirl. The whole process is so relaxing. She has a very simple set up that works very well, so I thought I would share before I go take a shower and wash off all this fantastic cold spring day warm fire smell.

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Ruth said...

Hi! Jess~

This sounds like fun. Miss you!! How have you all been?