Saturday, October 4, 2008

A few more tales from this summer's garden surprises. Some cukes turned into bread and butter pickles. The first batch of apples, I think after this lot we stopped taking pics! Our puppy, Spastic this pics she had just turned 4 months old. She is still tethered in our kitchen nearly a month later. If we can convince her to stay off the kitchen table, and only go potty outside when not tethered, she will have a much more enjoyable stay with us...we are working on it. She is still a baby and has learned in the short time we have had her that she cannot eat the children or knock them down to rip out their hairbows, or try to remove their socks. She is sittimg on command most of the time and "down" seems to be working, so one step at a time. Now if we can get her to stop ripping my arm outta the socket on the lead, I will be one happy girl.

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