Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finished the Fall Halloween Wall Hanging

I am trying to finish all my in progres projects before the baby comes. Last night I finished al wall hanging I have been working onout of a fewextra of my pumpkin blocks that I made for a swap over on MJF. So I can check that one off the list. I hope you like it, I am not a great quiter, but I have fun doing it.

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Bonne said...

Well, Hells Bells, I've got a quilt on my bed with that same green fabric! LOL That's one of those that I bought a whole bolt of. By the time you've used 5 yds of it , you want something different. Lesson learned~never buy a whole bolt of fabric, as there are too many new ones that come out and catch your eye that you just gotta have.
ANYWAY, the wall hanging is gorgeous!! My favorite colors and themes. Fabulous! hugs, B