Monday, October 20, 2008


Fall is here! Today Gianina and I went out and raked up a small pile for her and the dogs to play in! Not too hot and not too cold today, all 3 of them were very tired when the fun was over.
Sally and Copper
Yummy warm cornbread I made in an iron skillet, great on a cool fall day!


Bonne said...

I just love Gia's strawberry-blonde hair. Reminds me of Red's color.(Too bad we were "over-the-hill" when we met, as far as having kiddos go. Oh, well, having 3- 8 YO boys at once was plenty for me~lol)

Beverly said...

What fun! I miss playing in the leaves. Can I come over and play, too? Looks like the dogs had fun, too!