Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strawberry Costume

Just in case we have this baby before Halloween I went ahead and made it a costume. Inspired by my friend Bev, the baby will be a strawberry in celebration this year. If you have never had a taste of Bev's Strawberry Jam, you are definitely missing out on part of the yummier side of life.


Bonne said...

Awwww......well, you'll be prepared no matter what. Personally, I think it would be just too awesome to give birth on Samhain. Oh, yeah...Heap big medicine ;)
hugs, B

Beverly said...

Happy Halloween to you! and your kiddos. The strawberry costume is over-the-top cute!....and you are way too sweet. Hope all is well...thinking of you daily.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

omg, Jess, look at that!! How totally adorable..oh, we gotta have a picture of the bebe as a have enough imagination and talent to fill a room full of inquiring MINDS!! LOL


electricdunce said...

What a wonderful costume, I'm hoping that little La Bella will arrive in time for Halloween. The art tote is a stroke of genius...