Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bantam Chickens

So you have seen our bantam coop, it houses 7 little birds right now. A Black Silkie hen, a Mille Fleur Bearded Belgian D'Uccle hen, a Buff Brahma hen, a White Rock pullet, a Partridge Brahma pullet, a White Rock rooster, and a Partridge Brahma cockerel. Right now they are all getting along quite nicely, we hope this continues, and all the kids are in love big time.


Tina- said...

love the chickens..but also love your kiddo's and that smile on your little gals face...priceless.

Ruth said...

I love your birds. They all look so wonderful.


Unknown said...

Hey! I don't know the breed but I would sure like a pair of them black, white brown spotted bantams. Do you sell? Ship?