Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sugar cookies made from our eggs

YUM! Lexi is coming home from a week at camp today, so we baked her a batch of sugar cookies as a welcome home! It was our intention that he whole family would go to pick her up and make it a weekend event, but Carmen was invited to a friend's birthday party, so the boys all went to pick up Lexi and the girls all stayed here.


Bonne said...

Holy Catfish!! There's so much to catch up on and read!!! Love it all!! You all have been so very busy & productive. Congrats to each and every fair winner & placer. ;)

electricdunce said...

I love all the chickens, the speckled one is just specktacular (sorry..bad puns are a family tradition here). Of course the new accomodations are looking Quite spiffy too. Such fun to catch up on all the excitement at your house!