Friday, August 7, 2009

Our New Bantam Coop

On the first day of the fair, Lexi found out a friend of one of our 4H leaders was giving away her small bantam coop, with 3 little bantam hens, a black silkie, a buff brahma, and a mille fleur bearded belgian d'uccle. So, Lexi and my good friend Maura who was in visiting from Connecticut got on the phone and arranged for us to pick this little coop and it's tiny occupants up the next morning. So we got to meet a sweet couple and help give their little hens a new place to rest their roost. We got them home and set up immediately. We pulled out the primer, primed it white, built a predator resistant run, installed locks on the doors, a new handle for the egg door, and painted it yellow to match our house and our large coop. I will have to get more photos, you must see it in yellow and with the run. I have to say that the boys are mostly to thank for the fabulous run. I started it, they did the rest. They are great with wire cutters, pliers, and J clips! At the end of the fair our 3 bantams returned home to this new coop to meet their 3 new flock mates. Pics of the painted coop and run, and the new bantams will be posted soon! Thanks to Kelly and family for a great little coop.

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electricdunce said...

What a treat for you and for the people looking for a nnew spread for the chickens. I like the instantaneous quality to this, and of course having the boys to put up a run, very nice. I look forward to seeing the new paint job