Friday, August 7, 2009

Lexi and her 4H Poultry Fair Enties

Lexi entered 5 chickens in the fair and one poster for 4H. The birds she entered did very well. Our Black Sumatra cockerel won Grand Champion Large Fowl(which is a pretty special thing), our Golden Phoenix cock, Fawkes, won First Place, Reserve Best of Breed, his cage decorations won 2nd place, our bantam Partridge Brahma cockerel won Third Place, and a pair of our Plymouth Barred Rock pullets that were a part of the broiler pen project just got an exhibitor ribbon. Her poster did not do so well. Our name label in the corner is not quite in the most bottom right hand corner as it should be and is a few inches short of exhibitor ribbon once again, better luck on follow the rules next year I suppose.