Friday, August 7, 2009

Hurryin' Hackers

7's on Fire!

In July the kid's participated in a 3v3 soccer tournament, Hurryin' Hackers. Carmen and Anthony were on a team together with a few othe their friends, and Lexi was on a team with her friends. I made the jerseys for Carmen and Anthony's team. They all wanted to be number 7! A great day was had by all.

For everyone who has been worrying about us, our summer has been super duper busy, with not a moment to rest, and my computer crashed earlier this summer. When John fixed everything, it would not let me upload pics. So I have been fiddling with all the settings today and somehow the genie in my computer has decided to now let me upload. hurray!

So, I will try to catch everyone up on our summer events in the next few days.

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Bella Modiste said...

great job! the jerseys look great!